Thursday, May 23, 2013


My heart feels grateful to you,

You allowed me to be born.
You supported me when I was delicate.
You protected me when I was ignorant.
You punished me when I made mistakes.
You praised me when I made you proud

My heart feels grateful to you,
You did the best, you could do.

There was a time,
When I knew, I couldn't exist without you.
When your love and appreciation,
Was only way to live.
When without your encouragement, I couldn't imagine myself.
When you were my strength and purpose of life.

My heart feels grateful to you,
But, I am no more a little girl  

I know,
You feel pain seeing me going away from you.

I no more ask you what should I do
I no more need your lap to cry
I no more need your protection and support.

But Mother,
My heart feels grateful to you,
And will be always.

I carry nothing from our bonding except gratefulness.
Whatever happens out of this gratefulness.
I will let it happen.

Thanks Mother for a beautiful life.

When I was writing this poetry, my hands were shaking. Just few years back, I wrote a poetry about my deep attachment with mother and now deep detachment from mother.
In our social structure, either kids have deep love attachment or hatred but detachment is rarely seen so my heart was beating fast as my friends might feel how I could be so indifferent.
But  I do need to accept I grow and change every moment. Nothing can be stagnant when a person start seeking truth beyond all the earthly relationships. Nothing can be stagnant when a person drops all social conditioning and sees only reality.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


सारा दिन निकल गया
जाने किन-किन झमेलों में
रात हुई तो याद आया,
तुझे तो याद किया ही नहीं !

मिल गया था आज भी ,
बहाना एक नया,
तुझसे दूर रहने का
गुज़ार दिया एक और दिन,
तुझसे नज़रे मिलाये बिना ही !

अब , ना जाने कब अपना मिलन होगा,
जाने कब इन झमेलों और बहानों का,
सिलसिला ख़त्म होगा !

जानती हूँ,
तुम तो तैयार रहते हो हमेशा !
जाने कब मेरी तैयारी पूरी होगी ?